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  • Suitable for 9 months old and above

  • Easy to digest

  • No frying 

  • No added sugar, salt and preservatives

  • High in calcium for healthy bone development

  • Made from a unique combination of fruits and vegetables for a healthy snack

  • Visually appealing with natural colors to capture baby’s attention
  • Introduces babies to vegetables at an early age
  • Step 2 version with smaller, flower-shaped puffs for better hand-eye coordination


Ways to eat
1) Eat it right away.
2) Bowl of cereals with warm milk/water
3) As toppings

Double Happiness Rice Puffs (9m) - Strawberry & Acai Berry [50g]

SKU: 9555980100758
$7.90 Regular Price
$6.80Sale Price
  • Ingredients

    Calrose Rice, Strawberry, Acai Berry, Calcium Carbonate, Rice Bran Oil

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