Calrose Rice

- No Chemical Addition

- No Preservatives

- No Artificial Colors

- No Artificial Flavors

- No added oil

- Non-fried 

- Non-bake

- No seasoining


Important Note (Read before you buy)

The two containers in the photo are both RICE POP made by Calrose Pearl Rice (same for other rice pop flavors). The colors different as the moisture and maturity of each batch of harvested rice is different. There is no stabilizer and addictive added during the production process, and they are not fried. Hence, we can not guarantee every rice pop batch is same.

All the finished products will not be identical in taste and texture and colors due to no addictive is added. Thus, it will not be the same crunchy and crispy for different batch of the rice pop.

Never additives added, we believe that healthy, natural REAL food is the best and also the tastiest. We helps to give families a positive start on life’s food journey by simply preparing the simple and healthy foods . Parents want their babies to have food that’s natural, free from preservatives and nutritious. We are passionate that just because it is baby food and that is our commitment to you.




Rice Pop - Calrose Rice

  • Baby 6 months and above

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