With the heavy-hearted we have to announce the discontinued production of Organic Rice Pop and Omega Baby. We truly appreciate the support and love from mummies and kids who love our Rice Pop and Omega Baby.


During the discussion of which agent (pectin or gelatin) should be used for setting up the gummy, we consider the unsafe source of gelatin and possible allergy reaction, we have chosen pectin which is naturally fruits derived. However, pectin require sugar to set and mummies worry the sugar level intake for smaller kids.
Before we end this product, we are giving BUY 2 FREE 2 promotion deal.


We will continue to focus on our core values of providing natural and no addictive foods. Stay tuned, we will have more upcoming new products await ahead!



Pre-order from 26/6, 8am - 3/7, 8pm. Estimated delivery start from 17/7 to 22/7.


Free delivery does not apply to promotional items. 

Omega Baby - Buy 2 Free 2


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