100% premium food powders which are made with state-of- art dehydration technology at a right temperature. By using this technology, the nutrients of different kind of foods can be retained such as protein, folic acid, iron, calcium, fibre and vitamins. Lab tested by SGS with no added salt, sugar, preservatives or chemicals.


Kombu kelp is the king of seaweed due to it has highest rank in nutritional value.

It has great source of variety of antioxidants and ability to decrease LDL cholesterol levels.


Kombu kelp is obviously one of the Super Food and also known as Japan's best kept secrets.


It is a natural source of glutamic acid which enhances flavors with an umami taste (savory taste).

MommyJ Natural Kombu Kelp Powder 40g

SKU: 0001
  • 100% Kombu

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