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  • Calcium-Rich Baby Grain Snacks
  • Made with pesticide-free Korean grains but minus the artificial additives for your child.
  • One box includes 8 packs x 5g (40g)
  • Suitable for 9 months or above.
  • Contains 365mg of Calcium (CA+) per pack for essential growth
  • Non-fried and 0g Trans Fat

  • NO additives and preservatives

  • Easy individual packaging for added convenience

  • Made in Korea


It is vitally important for your child to get enough calcium on a daily basis. A child’s body is most capable of absorbing calcium during their “bone-forming years”, which is needed to build peak bone mass.


KEMY Kids Little Grain snacks contain STEP1 Enriched Nutrition with 365mg of Calcium (CA+) per pack for essential growth. This zero trans fat snack is non-fried but baked and individually packed, its grab shape is also designed to help develop fine motor skills while encouraging baby-led weaning, simply perfect for babies 9 months old and above.


This delicious baby snack comes in 4 yummy flavors:

  • Banana & Carrot
  • Blueberry
  • Strawberry
  • Cheese


Ingredient: 8 pesticide-free mixed grains (brown rice, white rice, corn, glutinous barley, glutinous rice, black bean, sorghum, black rice), palm oil, freeze dried strawberry powder, skim milk powder, glucose, egg yolk powder, rice powder, calcium carbonate, d-tocopherol, sea-salt.

Storage: Keep in cool dry place.

Allergen information: Contain milk, egg and bean. May contain traces of pine nut.

Caution: Children should consumed under adult supervision.


Korea KEMY Bebe Grain Little Grain Baby Rice Snack (9m) -Strawberry [40g]

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