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1 set with 7 different soup packs.

虫草花干贝汤 Cordyceps Flower Soup

核桃补脑汤 Walnut Soup

儿童四神汤 Chinese Four Herbs Soup

黑豆强壮滋补汤 Black Bean Nourishing Soup

虎乳润肺汤 Tiger Milk Mushroom Soup

免疫力UP汤 Strenten Immune System Soup

虫草开胃汤 Cordyceps Appetizing soup


Kid Herbal Soup Packs are suitable for kid above 1 year old. Herbs used are without sulfur (sulfur is used as herbs preservative). Herbs are packed freshly after order received. As no sulfur is used, we will dehydrate the herbs again before we pack to longer it shelf life. Please store it immediately in fridge after receive. Serves 1-2 kids per pack.


Pre-order start 14 Jan ends 23 Jan 2021, 8pm (We will open herbal soup packs order once a month.) Estimated delivery from 04 Feb - 08 Feb 2021. Please note that if you place order for herbal soup pack together with other products, all item will be delivered together after herbal soup pack is ready.


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Kid Herbal Soup Packs - 1 set (Pre-order)

  • Storage and Shelf Life

    Store in fridge after received and consume within 6 months.

  • Cooking Instructions

    1. Wash all the ingredients (except honey licorice 蜜枣)
    2. Add soup bone / meat / chicken 
    3. Add 2 small bowl of water
    4. Double boiled for 1.5hrs to 2 hrs
  • Suitable for

    Suitable for age 1 year and above.

  • Ingredients

    虫草花干贝玉米汤 Cordyceps Flower Soup
    - 虫草花,干贝,莲子,芡实,枸杞,海玉竹,龙眼,
    - Cordyceps Flower, Dried Scallop, Lotus Seed, Gorgon Fruit, Goji, Longan, Hai Yu Zhu, Pearl Barley, Coix Pearl Barley


    核桃补脑汤 Walnut Soup
    - 莲子,核桃,淮山,红枣,无花果,茯苓,龙眼干,百合,
    - Lotus Seed, Walnut, Chinese Yam, Jujube, Fried Figs, Fu Ling, Longan, Dried Lily, Chinese Wolfberries, Gorgon Fruit, Apricot


    儿童四神汤 Chinese Four Herbs Soup
    - 淮山,薏仁,芡实,茯苓,莲子
    - Chinese Yam, Coix Seed, Gordon Euryale Seeds, Poria, Lotus Seed


    黑豆强壮滋补汤 Black Bean Nourishing Soup
    - 核桃, 芡实, 黑豆, 红枣,黑枣,茯苓
    - Walnut, Gordon Euryale, Seeds, Black Bean, Jujube, Black Dates, Poria


    虎乳润肺汤 Tiger Milk Mushroom Soup 
    - 虎乳菌,海底椰,川贝,无花果,蜜枣,
    陈皮,南杏,北杏,红枣 ,雪梨
    - Tiger Milk Mushroom, Sea Coconut, Chuan Bei, Fig, Candied Jujube, Tangerine Peel, Apricot Kernel, Jujube, Snow Pear


    免疫力UP汤 Strenten Immune System Soup
    - 淮山, 党参, 蜜甘草, 北芪, 无花果, 红枣, 茯苓, 川芎, 玉竹, 当归, 枸杞
    - Chinese Yam, Codonopsis, Honey Licorice, Astragalus Roots, Dried Fig, Jujube, Poria, Ligusticum Chuanxiong, Polygonatum, Angelica, Goji


    虫草开胃汤 Cordyceps Appetizing soup
    - 党参,枸杞,茯苓,红枣,玉竹,淮山,
    - Codonopsis Root, Goji, Wolfiporia, Jujube, Polygonatum, Chinese yam, Chuanxiong, Honey Licorice, Cordyceps

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