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Double Happiness Step 2 Rice Puff Fruit Series


A delicious and nutritious snack that’s perfect for little ones. Made from a unique combination of fruits and vegetables, our rice puffs are visually appealing with natural colors that capture your baby’s attention.

At Double Happiness, we take pride in introducing babies to vegetables at an early age, and our fruit series rice puff is no exception. With each serving, your little ones will be enjoying a healthy snack that helps develop a love for a wide range of vegetables and fruits.

Our Step 2 version features smaller, flower-shaped puffs that are just the right size for little hands to hold and enjoy. The smaller size also promotes better hand-eye coordination as your little ones learn to grab and eat on their own.


With added calcium carbonate, our rice sticks provide a great source of calcium to support strong bone development and growth. 

- Non fried

- No junk promise

- No sugar & salt added

- No preservatives

- Made with vegetables & fruits

- High in Calcium

Double Happiness Baby Rice Puffs (9 months)- Strawberry & Acai Berry [10g]

SKU: 9555980100871
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