With the heavy-hearted we have to announce the discontinued production of Organic Rice Pop and Omega Baby. We truly appreciate the support and love from mummies and kids who love our Rice Pop and Omega Baby.


We believe no added chemical is the best, we always face an issue of different rice pop texture for different seasons of rice we get. It taste stale (soft, lou feng) somehow due to higher moisture of the rice. With these inevitable issue and the complexity of rice pop making process we have finally come to the decision to discontinued this product. Before we say goodbye to Rice Pop, we would like to offer one last promotion - BUY 2 FREE 2 to all the Rice Pop lover.


Rice pop are freshly made to orders, limited availability. 


Pre-order from 26/6, 8am - 3/7, 8pm. Estimated delivery start from 17/7 to 22/7.


Free delivery does not apply to promotional items. 

Rice Pop - Buy 2 Free 2


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