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What for dinner tonight? I have been busy with the Chinese New Year promotion lately. A quick and easy meal would be best for me.

Tofu Tomato Soup for my husband, elder boy and me and Walnut Chicken Soup for my 1 yo girl. We love fish especially my boy. I bought this fresh black prompret from a Johor Pontian fishmonger. It is fresh enough to just steam it.

Tofu Tomato Soup ingredients - 1. 500ml warm water 2. 3 tbsps Double Happiness Signature Creamy Tomato Soup powder (suitable for 18 months above) 3. Enoki mushroom (or shimeiji mushroom) 4. Tofu 5. 2 eggs 6. Scallion

Method - Believe me, it is easy enough for a primary student to cook! Just bring everything to boil until cooked and serve!

Walnut is rich in antioxidant, plant source of Omega-3s and support good brain function. Suitable for kid above 1 year old.

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