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Updated: Jul 18, 2021

Meatless Burger (without thickening agent and egg recipe)

Plant-based burger like Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger are selling hot now everywhere in Singapore.

We can make a homemade veggie burger that are hearty, flavorful and full of vegetable at home too! You can find all the ingredients from supermarket, without using thickening agent to firm the patty and without using EGG too! It is a totally vegetarian suitable recipe.

Ingredients: 1. Two pcs tao kwa 2. One chopped yellow onion 3. Two chopped big portobello mushroom 4. Three tbsp oats 5. Two tbsp flour 6. 3 tsps @double_happiness_singapore Meatless Beef-Like Broth Powder.

Method: 1. Pan fried portobello mushroom and onion with olive oil, until it turn golden color and fragrant. 2. Smash tau kwa using a fork, squeeze out the water (try to make it as dry as possible). 3. Add fried portobello mushroom, onion and all other ingredients to smashed tau kwa. (you may add more oats if the mixture is too watery). 4. Make round shape patties. I have made four patties and I made it to meatballs for the leftover. (Will share the air fried meatless meatball in future post again). 5. Pan fried patties with olive oil, low heat to make sure it cook through. 6. Flip over to continue fry the other side. 7. Add lettuce , tomato and cucumber to your burger . 8. You may spread some Double Happiness Tomato Sauce too.


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