When can my baby start eating pasta and rice pop?

Our veggie pasta is recommended for baby starting from 7 months onward. However, if your baby just started solid food, always remember the “3 days rule”, this is when a specific food introduced to infant for 3 days in a row to identify any sign of disagreement. Pasta series suitable for baby 7 months and above; spaghetti series suitable for baby 10 months and above (depend on baby’s ability to chew)

Rice pop is suitable for baby from 6 months onwards. However, parents should make sure baby is able to sit properly on his own.


Is the noodle gluten-free?


​No. The pasta ingredients contain wheat flour, wheat flour is not gluten-free.

Is the pasta contain sodium?


Sodium is an essential mineral for life. In general, infant from 6-12 months old needs 350mg sodium a day and 1-3 years old toddler needs 750mg sodium a day. Sodium can be derived from daily food intake.

Does the pasta contained egg?

No egg contained.​

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