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Double Happiness Singapore

Double Happiness is a Malaysian brand established in year 2017 in a peaceful town of Southern West Malaysia founded by a pair of loving spouse. Powered by the mantra ‘Prioritise healthy diet, healthy child doubled the happiness for every parents wish’ shared their wonderful creations to the world with the birth of Double Happiness.


It’s all started with selling fresh made vegetables noodles online. Expeditiously upgraded and expanded the production line with new creations when the founder sees the tremendous demand. Today, Double Happiness is one of the leading healthy foods for baby and toddlers manufacturer in Malaysia.

Double Happiness carries a wide range of healthy foods for baby and toddlers that certified on the food safety assurance by MeSTI & Ministry of Health of Malaysia (KKM). At Double Happiness, we take quality control seriously in each SKUs. 

The founder’s aspiration for Double Happiness is simply wish every parents can foster healthy eating habits. Health is wealth and a healthy diet starts early in life will makes a big difference. Thus, hoping to create fun yet healthy products for babies, toddlers, seniors and health-conscious patrons with the right ingredient, the right taste, the right bite.

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